Getting LiDAR data for our plots in the dunes

Janna Horjus, MSc student of Leiden University, is currently doing an internship in our group. Under supervision of Sofia Gomes, she is mapping the underground fungal networks over several transects in the dunes. With a metabarcoding approach we will soon know how the plants in the different vegetation zones are connected belowground.

Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez at work in the dunes in Wassenaar

But we are also curious to know how these underground networks are influenced by the structure of the vegetation above the ground. So we involved remote sensing expert Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez in the project. With his LiDAR equipment he scanned the vegetation of our transects. These 3D renderings  will provide us with a wealth of data on the vegetation. A good example of how we try to integrate more and more aspects into our research on interactions!